Frugal Family Fun This Half Term

Financial fear getting in the way of having some half-term fun this week? If the answer is ‘yes’, then you’ve come to the right page – Scotland4kids’ Laura Barr, has put together a list of superb ideas to have family fun and create memories without breaking the bank. From cosy home cinemas and cook-a-thons to garden obstacle courses and scavenger hunts, there’s plenty here to keep little ones entertained and parents’ pursestrings happy.


DIY garden obstacle course – this is a very simple way to get kids outside in the fresh air, get fit and have fun, all at the same time. Some of our favourite obstacle ideas are:

  • Place sticks in the grass or gravel and have you kids weave through them as fast as they can.
  • Use a long narrow plank of wood laid out on the grass as a balance beam.
  • Open up the ends of some cardboard boxes and place them end to end to create a tunnel.
  • Peg a tent’s fly sheet to the ground with just enough slack to crawl underneath.
  • Bricks or paving stones make excellent stepping stones. Place the stones in varying lengths to add to the challenge for little legs to reach.


Cosy home cinema – There may be a stretch in the evenings but it’s still cool outside. Why not create your own bespoke home cinema for the whole family. Get everyone to write out which movie they would like to watch from ones you have access to in the house and put the ideas into a hat. Pick one person to pick out from the hat which movie to watch.
The kids could design cinema tickets for the evening as well as a list of drinks and snacks available from the kitchen. Make a tiered seating area in the living room by placing some cushions or beanbags on the floor and have a sofa area especially designated for cinema seats. If you’re lucky enough to own a projector, why not create a screen using a large bed sheet and hang up on a wall?


Great Family Bake-off – Spend an afternoon playing your own family version of everyone’s favourite baking show. Get the kids to take on the parents or compete separately, depending on the age range in your house. Use whatever ingredients you have in the kitchen cupboards and see what creative (and hopefully edible) dishes everyone can whip up. Get each family member to try each other’s masterpieces and take a vote on who will be crowned half-term break’s Great Family Baker.


Scavenger hunt – There are plenty of free printable scavenger hunts online for indoors and outdoors play. You can easily create your own scavenger hunt too by noting down things for your kids to spot in certain rooms in the home and outside in the garden. Get them to tick off on their list once they’ve found them.


Shell painting – If you’re lucky enough to live by the sea why not take your little ones down to the shore and have them explore! Bring a bucket or bag and get them to find the prettiest shells to take home and paint. Once they have dried off place them in your garden or on your windowsills to bring some colour to your home. If you’re feeling extra creative, you could even make a windchime!

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