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‘Juggling and Connecting’

We know how important exchanging information and ideas is to those with young children, as the majority of our readers (most likely women 25-49 with kids under 12) balance and juggle a busy work and home life, which can often be a struggle, involving a high level of organisation! Advice, suggestions, creative ideas and family experiences in general, are all areas that parents like to share and receive information about. Knowing how others are managing by comparing notes and checking out what’s new, and what they have experienced, is all part of that process.

More than any other group, this demographic actively seek out information so that it can be used and exchanged with other parents and more often than not, the busier the ‘juggler’ the greater the need to search out help and advise. For the advertiser that reaches this group of media hungry individuals, the elusive and invaluable ‘word of mouth’ recommendation becomes reality – building awareness, brand recognition and driving response.

Our aim is to be the perfect partner for the ‘jugglers and connectors’ of Scotland and we know that in order to be that partner of choice, we need to deliver a high quality editorial package that exceeds readers’ expectations, engages and drives advertiser response and builds trust at the same time.