In the first of a new series of blog posts on Scotland4kids, mum-of-two Naomi Barr discusses her diagnosis with a mental health condition and reveals how it affects her daily life. I am a 34-year-old mother of two girls, aged 8 and 5. In 2012 I was diagnosed with borderlineRead More →

It’s hard to believe the summer holidays are over already! The beginning of a new school year is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful for the whole family. These tips are designed to help ease everyone back into the new routine. Open communication When we feel confusedRead More →

HOW TO CREATE A SUCCESSFUL SUMMER BEDTIME ROUTINE FOR YOUR CHILD Summer is a wonderful season, with longer days offering up more time as a family to create fun and sun-soaked memories. However, when the evening falls and bedtime comes around it can be difficult to get the kids down.Read More →

By Amanda Ashy-Boyd Change is hard. Especially personal change because there is so much uncertainty around the outcome. When we feel uncertain, it can make us feel unsafe. Why? Because uncertainty drops us into our limbic brain, our emotional centre where we swirl around in the emotional waters of fear,Read More →

The global pandemic and lockdowns on top of all the usual life challenges can affect children just as much as adults. To mark World Mental Health Day on 10 October, Catherine Lynch provides six stepping stones, and free downloadable resources, to help parents support youngsters to develop good mental health. Read More →

With recent data from the NSPCC’s Childline service showing that children as young as four years old are displaying signs of panic attacks, anxiety and depression, Alicia Eaton believes it’s becoming crucial for today’s parents to equip themselves with the ‘first aid’ skills that will support their child’s emotional wellbeing.Read More →

By Angela Stallard Children have an innate urge to play from birth right through to the teenage years. Freely chosen play (play which is directed by children) is critically important for all children as part of their everyday lives and access to quality, unstructured play is proven to help improveRead More →

Alongside the joy and wonder of raising a child, the frustration and pitfalls of parenting also require navigation –often on a daily basis. Given that childhood is a short season, and parenting is far from easy, could mindfulness help us to lean in and be more present? International barrister, mindfulnessRead More →