Cara McKee, a writer and mum-of-three, living in Largs, is busy organising summer childcare cover… My boss asked me the other day if I’d taken all the leave I needed for the summer holiday. Had I? I’d taken leave for when we’re going away, but to be honest I don’tRead More →

Summertime brings the hope of sunshine, even if sporadic in nature. Whether you plan to holiday abroad or stay at home, it is important that you take measures to protect yourself and your family from the damage that sun can cause. The sun’s rays are made up of UVA (Ultraviolet A) andRead More →

Asda is not my usual hunting ground when searching for the latest fashion must-have however on a recent expedition for BBQ supplies, a detour by the George aisles had me more than pleasantly surprised. It got me thinking that we don’t all have the time, energy or budget to regularlyRead More →

Cara McKee, a writer and mum-of-three from Largs, wishes they could stay small forever… Every year I somehow make myself believe that if I ensure the children have all their school uniform ready for the beginning of term (in generous sizes) because of course they’re going to grow, with their namesRead More →

While researching my favourite trends for spring/summer ’18 I was reminded of this line delivered by the acerbic Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada: “Florals…for spring…Groundbreaking” The fact of the matter remains, florals will be huge this season, so at the risk of being predictable, and facing the fictitiousRead More →

Cara McKee, a writer and mum-of-three living in Largs, is on a mission with the kids to help Mother Nature, one less plastic bottle at a time… It has become a thing that every year the kids come up with something we need to reduce as a family in ourRead More →

It’s that time of year when many of us freak out and feel the need to ‘change’. Two weeks of over-indulging leads us to dramatically announce, “This is the year I’m running a marathon!” Feeling sluggish and frumpy, we collect sales bargains we would never normally wear, just to feelRead More →

This year marks my ninth year as a mother. It also, would you believe, marks my ninth year of “Mum guilt”. It’s a real thing, Mum guilt. In my experience it descends upon you the moment you hold your babe in arms post birth; “Do I have enough milk forRead More →

Cara McKee, a writer and mum-of-three living in Largs, is rethinking her family’s Christmas wish list… I met an old man at a poetry thing the other day. I go to poetry things a lot, and meet a lot of old men, and, because I’m a mum, they instantly understandRead More →

It’s the school October holiday week and I’m writing this in bed while my kid watches movies beside me… I haven’t got any of his Christmas presents planned (let alone bought), my house is in a state of half-decoration – even though we moved in almost a year ago –Read More →