Minister for Childcare and Early Years, Mark McDonald, has announced Aberdeen, Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders will be the first three locations for Early Learning and Childcare expansion trials. The trials, which form part of the Scottish Government’s drive to increase the flexibility, quality and quantity of provision, will commenceRead More →

Trick or treating has a long history in the US but until recently was unknown in Scotland. Instead children dressed up and pretended to be evil spirits and went guising (or galoshin). If there is a chance your child-free neighbours won’t be expecting a knock on the door asking forRead More →

Like most parents, I am very aware of the dangers that my children may face. It’s only natural that we want to protect them from danger, especially when accidents are one of the leading causes of death in children aged one to 16 years. However many childhood accidents and injuriesRead More →

With the Halloween season upon us, many children will be getting involved in the festivities by putting on fancy dress costumes and scary masks, going trick-or-treating with friends and telling stories to frighten and entertain. It’s an apt time to consider where fears come from, why certain things are particularlyRead More →

Dr Jane Goldberg waited until her late forties before she experienced motherhood. Here she shares a very honest account of why her difficult journey there was worth the wait… Like most of the events in my life, waiting until I was 47 to become a mother was neither a deliberate,Read More →

Alarms have been raised among parents after new research revealed more than half of children under the age of 16 (53%) are accessing the internet on a handheld device, while a quarter have an internet enabled computer in their bedroom. Online age verification system, AgeChecked, surveyed parents to reveal theRead More →

Classlist, ‘the world’s first virtual school gate’, is the first service offering an online parent-to -parent community, exclusively for people with school-aged children. The free-to-use service aims to connect parents in a world where they spend less time at the school gate than ever before. Alongside social planning, the platformRead More →