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Tommy’s Premature Baby App

Around 60,000 babies are born prematurely every year in the UK and many suffer lifelong consequences as a result. The weeks in hospital after the baby’s premature birth can be a stressful and emotional time for parents, so to help these mums and dads Tommy’s – a charity funding research into preventing baby loss – has launched its Premature Baby App for the first time on mobile. Parents can access this unique tool at any time day or night for: Accredited prematurity advice and information; a feeding log to record times, types and amounts of food given; a development diary to record events, feelings and milestones; a growth chart to track baby’s weight and; a network of other parents going through a similar experience. The free app is available now from iTunes store and Google Play or go to

Exercise Advice for Expectant Mums

A recent survey, involving over 200 mothers, has revealed that more than half of women felt anxious about exercising during pregnancy. Pregnancy and post-natal fitness expert, Dr Joanna Helcké commissioned the report to better understand how mums feel during this important period in their lives and a time when women’s health and fitness is vitally important. On a mission to educate and create solutions for expectant mums to remain fit and healthy during pregnancy and beyond, Joanna has launched the next instalment to her hugely successful FitBumpBox brand. ‘The Little Book of Making Your Exercise Safe for Pregnancy’ is a concise and informative guide to help expectant mothers keep their bodies healthy during pregnancy, providing clear advice on how to adapt and modify all the most popular forms of exercise – from spinning and zumba to yoga and even skiing –making them safe for pregnancy. RRP: £7 from

Sail to Sleep with a Slumber Pal

This Sail Away Slumber Pal Whale from Infantino tops our little ones’ wish list this Christmas. The ultimate snuggle companion at bedtime, the innovative, snuggly soft and supple night light will soothe your baby to sleep in an instant by playing sweet melodies and nature sounds designed to calm them before bedtime. Even better, the ingenious whale has a soft, inner glow of warm colours that gently lights up the room using touch sensor technology on the whale’s back. Exclusively available from Babies R Us, this dreamy under-the-sea friend is suitable from birth and is sure to become the next nursery essential. RRP £29.99.

Maven’s First Steps

New to the baby and toddler market, this innovative walking aid allows adults to take part in their child reaching their walking milestone. The strap attaches your child’s feet onto yours so you can teach them step by step how to walk until they become confident to walk all on their own! A universal keepsake, it’s made in the UK, and suitable for everyone in the family to use whether making strides indoors or outdoors. Prices begin at £24.99 from

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