In their new book, Dads Don’t Babysit, frustrated fathers – successful dad blogger David Freed and journalist James Millar – are challenging society’s stereotype of what it really means to be Dad and asking just why is it so difficult to equally share the pleasures of parenting? Interview by Nadia Duncan A socialRead More →

Legendary children’s writer and UK Children’s Laureate, Lauren Child, is back with one of her most popular characters in a brand-new, laugh-out-loud story about the rather unconventional Bobton-Trents, giving us the perfect opportunity for a chat on creativity and how to get kids reading. Q) As the Waterstones Children’s Laureate forRead More →

The first ‘Bedtime Nanny’ service has been launched for parents who don’t want to, or find it too stressful, to put their children to bed! launched the service after demand for ‘bedtime support’ from its database of parents. A recent study of 2,000 mums by OnePoll revealed a third are wornRead More →

If you are one of the many parents who spent the school-free days of July and early August trying to prise the kids away from their game console and out into the fresh air you’re certainly not alone. The word Fortnite now has a completely different meaning in popular culturethanRead More →

After being diagnosed with post-natal anxiety and birth trauma following the birth of her first child, television presenter, life coach and author Anna Williamson went on a mission to uncover the real thoughts, feelings and behaviours that so many of us experience in the first few weeks of parenthood. Here,Read More →

Alastair Graham, CEO of AgeChecked, explains how we all have a role to play when it comes to safeguarding our children online… With most children having constant access to websites through their smartphones or games consoles, it’s become almost impossible to monitor our children’s online activity 24/7. This is becomingRead More →

Growing up in the modern world today many children are leading overstimulated and sometimes stressful lives. Worryingly, a key study by the Office of National Statistics found that one in ten children now suffer from mental health problems including stress, anxiety and depression. A much-needed antidote to help children letRead More →

Stand-up comedian Sam Avery (aka the Learner Parent) started his award-winning blog when his twin boys were born. Here, Sam shares some of the important lessons he has learnt about life after kids and the joys of fatherhood…  Changing Nappies You know you really love someone when you can’t waitRead More →

“Hello, This is the President of the USA talking. A fire?! I’ll be there straight away. After I make myself a cake. Bye, Bye!” George 5 We all know that kids say the funniest things, but do we really understand what they are trying to tell us? Creator of theRead More →