“Why?” is the refrain of many curious children: “Why is the sky blue?”; “Why do I have to eat my broccoli?”; “Why can’t I stay up watching movies all night?” Rachel Poulton explores why getting philosophical with kids can be an illuminating insight into what they really think… More oftenRead More →

Friendship brings our children both their greatest highs – and their lowest lows. Yet despite being such a huge part of their lives, friendship is also the area of children’s lives that we parents understand the least, and feel the most powerless to help with when things go wrong saysRead More →

You should have left for work 10 minutes ago. The house is a mess and as you rush around getting ready, you feel stressed about when you will have the time and energy to clear up. You notice a stain on your top (from little jam-covered hands) and need toRead More →

In April, more than 400 thought leaders, practitioners, researchers, government representatives and social innovators from around the world converged in Billund, Denmark, for the annual LEGO®Idea Conference.  This year’s theme was “Unlocking the Power of Parenting” focusing on ways to harness the power of parenting to support children’s development andRead More →

When East Linton mum-of-two Lorna Park realised that her young son had changed from being a happy, confident little boy to suffering from severe anxiety with a very negative mindset, she was determined to do something about it by creating the UK’s first positive psychology life book for kids. Lorna isRead More →

Natasha Geary writes on an age-old but important life lesson for kids. Never give up! I wish failure was taught in school. It should be because it’s the flip side to success; you don’t get one without the other. Our children aren’t taught that the road to success is potholed with painfulRead More →

By Alicia Peyrano It’s confirmed, a little life is growing inside you. There are so many questions that arise around this time and being in the business of helping young families as they start out in life, I feel so privileged to watch as women become pregnant and babies areRead More →

Anger is a perfectly normal human emotion, and all parents and carers will feel frustrated, stressed and angry with their children at some point. As we approach Anger Awareness Week (1-7 December) senior social worker and mentor Pam Rowe looks at ways to deal with our anger in a healthier wayRead More →

In their new book, Dads Don’t Babysit, frustrated fathers – successful dad blogger David Freed and journalist James Millar – are challenging society’s stereotype of what it really means to be Dad and asking just why is it so difficult to equally share the pleasures of parenting? Interview by Nadia Duncan A socialRead More →

Legendary children’s writer and UK Children’s Laureate, Lauren Child, is back with one of her most popular characters in a brand-new, laugh-out-loud story about the rather unconventional Bobton-Trents, giving us the perfect opportunity for a chat on creativity and how to get kids reading. Q) As the Waterstones Children’s Laureate forRead More →