Do you think sweet packets should carry cigarette-style health warnings featuring images of children’s decayed teeth to try and urge parents to cut down on the amount of high sugar foods they give their kids? The British Medical Association (BMA), senior health professionals and dentists have all recommended instating theRead More →

Margaret Gallagher, Campaigns Manager at NSPCC says talking about internet safety with your child should be as natural as asking them what they got up to at school… Margaret talks about the subject on a daily basis and runs workshops for parents on speaking to their children about social media,Read More →

In her new practical guide to bringing up strong, resilient and happy children, consultant child psychiatrist, mother-of-two, and occasional blogger, Dr Holan Liang says without self-esteem, a child©s achievements will be unfulfilling, their relationships will be lopsided at best and doomed at worst, and perhaps happiness will elude them forever…Read More →

Children in 2017 are risking missing out on key childhood memories due to an over reliance on indoor play, according to new research. Over half (56%) of UK adults revealed that their fondest childhood memories were made whilst exploring and socialising outside, but despite this, over half of parents (58%)Read More →

The NSPCC’s Childline has launched an app that is the first to provide counselling to young people in need of help directly through their smartphone. ‘For Me’ was invented by four teenagers who wanted to make technology benefit the community and realised there was an urgent need for young people toRead More →

Cara McKee, a writer and mother-of-three living in Largs is embracing being unique… This morning we parked near the school, as usual, and my elder two hurried off – too cool to be seen with me – while I spent some quality time cajoling my youngest to leave the car. ForRead More →

When it comes to child safety, parents and caregivers instinctively do their upmost to protect their children and ensure that they are never in high risk situations. So why is it, according to research*,  that 33 per cent of parents across Europe have taken a child out in a carRead More →

PENGUIN PALS Zoe and Pam are the latest bedtime pals to arrive in the UK from innovative Danish children’s brand, Zazu. Designed to help parents with the bedtime routine, the clever little penguins feature pre-set melodies including a heartbeat, white noise and waterfall sound, as well as wireless speaker technology, enabling parents to play their own choice of music orRead More →

Author Natalie Savvides has been called ‘the real Bridget Jones’ on many occasions and her past life experiences have inspired her mission to help every girl, teenager and woman feel less alone, and happier, by living their life their own way and being true to themselves. A self-confessed observer and contemplatorRead More →

It’s an age-old debate between kids and their parents which will never end. How much is enough when it comes to pocket money and should kids do chores to earn it? It’s an issue for even the most cash-laden celebrities as Sir Elton John has revealed that he makes hisRead More →