World Book Day Costume Ideas

Need some help with creating some amazing World Book Day outfits without breaking the bank? Look no further!

With just a week to go until little ones get dressed up to celebrate the incredible benefits the world of literature can give them, there’s still plenty of time to put together fantastic outfits from items you already have. Don’t forget to ask around, check with family and friends if they have items you could borrow and get the kids involved too with putting together their costumes. They may have some super creative ideas of their own!

Mr Bump – An easy costume that involves no sewing or glue. All you need is a blue t-shirt and some spare bandages or toilet roll. Simply wrap the bandage around your child’s head and tummy and hey presto, all done.

Room on the Broom – If you have a witches costume from Halloween then simply re-use it for the witch from Julia Donaldson’s classic tale. All you need to do is tie your child’s hair into a plait with a bow at the end and gather props such as a broomstick and maybe a toy cat.

Burglar Bill – This costume contains pieces you can easily find around the house or borrow from family and friends. All you need is a black and white stripey top, flat cap, bandit eye mask (make one from cardboard) and a tote bag or pillowcase to carry filled with crumpled paper or a cuddly toy to bulk it out.

Harry Potter/Hermione Granger – If your child is into Harry Potter there’s no doubt they’ll be wanting to dress as their favourite magician from Hogwarts. You’ll need a black cape, white shirt, normal school trousers/skirt, stripey tie and scarf, glasses for Harry and an eye or lip pencil to draw his forehead scar.

Charlie Bucket – You may find this character the easiest to dress up as from Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Simply gather a jumper or cardigan, some trousers, a scarf and hat and create a golden ticket by using some card and decorate it.

That’s Not My Unicorn – This is the perfect costume for younger kids and all you need are a few items. A white or light-coloured top, tutu, tights and a unicorn headband.

Wednesday Addams – You may have a costume lying around from Halloween if your kid is a fan of Wednesday. If not, you’ll need a dark dress, black tights and shoes, a white shirt for under the dress and some face paint or black lipstick. Tie hair into two plaits to finish the look.

Billionaire Boy – This fun character from David Walliam’s popular book definitely won’t cost the earth. Grey or dark trousers, a white t-shirt and a wallet stashed with monopoly money or toy notes are all you need.

Elmer the Elephant – A fun costume that kids will enjoy helping to create. All that’s required is some cardboard cut into the shape of an elephant’s face with large ears and tusks. Let your child colour this in using a patchwork design. You might want to add a trunk to the mask by simply attaching a slinky spring to the end or if easier make the trunk from extra cardboard and attach on. A brightly coloured top and trousers will complement the costume.


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