Celebrate presence, not presents this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, or Mothering Sunday is a day to celebrate our own mothers, ourselves as mothers, motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers on our lives.

Whether we were raised by our biological mothers, step-mums, grandmothers, a relative or friend, hopefully we all have someone in our lives who was that warm and caring mother figure for us.
Unfortunately, consumerism is never far from any holiday so it’s easy to get distracted from the true meaning of Mother’s Day. Whether it’s a day to yourself, a day with your own mum, a day with your children or your partner’s children, Ni4kids has put together some ideas to have a meaningful Mother’s Day that won’t pull on the purse strings.


Make a Pledge – Ask the whole family to get their thinking caps on and come up with some ideas for a pledge to make. This could be something like communicating better, having more one-to-one time or making a point of having a weekly tea or coffee with your own mum without the kids at your feet. Ideas for your children could be to pledge to help out more with housework, tidy their room or make their bed before they go to school.


DIY Spa Day – This is a lovely idea to spend some quality time with your kids without even leaving the house. Gather some scented candles, fluffy towels, bath robes and slippers. Set up the bathroom and a bedroom for the spa. You could do some mini manicures on one another, pop on a face mask and relax on the bed with some meditation music. A perfect way to de-stress and bond.


Mother’s Day Dinner – Get the whole family involved with preparing a lovely Mother’s Day meal for all the incredible mums. Make it extra special by decorating the table with a colourful tablecloth, napkins, even take out the good tableware. Have everyone together around the table and enjoy some heart-warming food, good chat and quality time together.


Crafty gift – There are plenty of options to make a bespoke gift for Mother’s Day. Little ones will love getting creative and using their imagination to make you something extra special.


Mum Collage – Pick some photos with your kids from your phone that contain special memories and moments with them. Print them out and create an awesome ‘mum collage’ on a big piece of card.


Handprint Art – Get the kids to paint their hands and press them on a canvas in a nice arrangement. Get them to write their names underneath and date their work of art. A lovely memento to look back on as they grow.


Home Cinema – Use lots of cushions, duvets and blankets on the floor or sofa to make a cosy cinema set-up. Draw the curtains, get the popcorn ready and let mum pick a movie for the whole family to watch together.

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