Study predicts 1 in 3 spend £100+ per child on back-to-school items

54% of parents expected to spend more this year on school uniform and accessories – research reveals

More than 1 in 3 anticipated spending over £100 or more per child than last year on back-to-school shopping

A survey questioned over 500 parents and guardians in the UK about their spending plans for school uniform and other items ahead of the new school term.

Rising cost of back-to-school items

Over half (51%) of those surveyed said that they were planning to spend more on school uniform this year compared to 2021.

48% of respondents were planning to spend more on school shoes this year.

44% of parents believed they’d spend more on sports kit and equipment.

40% of those surveyed said they would spend more this year on school bags and backpacks.

A third of parents (30%) thought they’d spend more on lunch boxes and water bottles.

Spend per child rises

27% of parents planned to spend between £26 and £50 more per child than last year.

Nearly a quarter (24%) of respondents said they’d spend between £51 and £100 per child more than in 2021.

Shockingly, 13% of those surveyed said they’d likely spend between £101 and £249 more this year per child.

Back-to-school shopping

Over half of respondents (51%) said they’s shop for back-to-school items both online and in store.

22% of those surveyed intended to do all of their back-to-school shopping in store.

Perhaps surprisingly, only 9% of respondents said they’d complete their school shopping entirely online.

School uniform

39% of respondents said they expeced to buy school uniform from Asda.

A third (30%) said they would buy uniform from a specialist uniform retailer.

29% planned to shop at Tesco for school uniform.

Nearly a quarter (24%) of parents planned to buy school uniform from Marks and Spencer

Saving money on back-to-school shopping

51% of parents said they would re-use uniform and other school items from last year.

Over a quarter of respondents (26%) would switch to lower priced brands.

22% of those surveyed said they will switch to cheaper retailers.

New term

42% said their disposable income is much less this year than it was in 2021.

Nearly half (46%) of respondents said they’ll walk with their children to school and back to

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