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Last seen dazzling us with her dance moves on Saturday night’s Strictly Come Dancing, bestselling author and TV presenter Katie Piper certainly isn’t one for staying still long. Her new title, Confidence: The Journal, aims to help us become the star of our own lives…

A quote from the book is, ‘With true confidence, anything and everything is possible’. But what does that really mean and what has Katie achieved that she truly never thought she would? Katie:“Having self-belief and confidence is so important and we all deserve to have it. You feel like the best version of yourself when you’re confident, and it will help you to reach personal goals as well as career goals. It’s easier said than done, but everyone has it within them. It took me a long time to regain my confidence, and of course sometimes I’m more confident than others, but it’s there for all to find. In a world of Instagram filters, it’s important to have real, true, authentic confidence from within.”

What does being confident mean to you and why did you decide to write this book? Katie:“Confidence is found from within, so I thought creating a journal would be a good medium for people to write down their personal thoughts, goals and progress in their journey towards positive thinking and raising their self-esteem. The journal also includes daily affirmations, tips and advice on how to achieve a happier, and more balanced mindset. Everyone who knows me will know I use affirmations in everyday life – they’ve helped me get through some very tough times. Saying these powerful words out loud helps me to feel confident, empowered and ready for whatever the day ahead has in store.”

Described many times in the past, but most recently by her friends at Strictly as ‘inspirational’ how did she find her confidence again during difficult times in her life? Katie: “Self-acceptance – we can sometimes have unrealistic expectations, especially if we are comparing ourselves to others. As soon as we can accept ourselves, we can move forward, be confident and show people the best version of who we can be, rather than trying to be like somebody else. In terms of my confidence, this was also helped by my amazing family and friends who lift me up every day and the incredible people that I meet through my charity.”

 And finally, what are the most important life lessons this mum-of-two will be teaching her children? Katie: “I tell them how beautiful they are every day! I would never put pressure on them to look or dress a certain way, I want them to grow up and make those choices for themselves. Also, I would never speak negatively about my body or appearance in front of them, children are so impressionable and the things parents say around them can have quite an impact in the long run.”

Katie Piper’s ‘Confidence: The Journal’ by Quercus Books is available aamazon.co.uk and all good book stores. RRP £9.99.

Katie image credit – © Dan Kennedy

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