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Hands up if you survived the school summer holidays? I did… just about.

As I type I have achieved more work in a couple of hours than in an entire week of the school holidays. I’ve so missed my balance of family, work, home, and just as important, me. Before the holidays I managed three days (okay two days!) a week at the gym, but that dwindled to zero over the summer break. Work calls were usually interrupted with shouts of of “MUM! Can I have the iPad?”, to which of course my response was usually “Yes!” – just to buy me some time. Then there was tidying, cooking, weddings, days away – and the list goes on. Looking back over those weeks there was no pause button. As for how that affected how I dressed and looked? NOT pretty! So now school is in session it’s time reclaim our ‘me-time’, and to look effortlessly stylish while doing so!

Sweaty Betty Power 7/8 Leggings £75

I don’t know about you but I do find the gym is a great place to relax. I’m not a gym-bunny by any stretch of the imagination, but once there I zone out to music, attempt to get fit and feel so much better afterwards. I like morning exercise, and admit arriving at the school gates in spandex – but I’m not the only one. More and more people are wearing gym gear as a relaxed and comfortable way to navigate our busy lives.

But before you shop for it, here are some tips. Do not buy cheap running tights, they offer little coverage and hold nothing in. And if like me you are trying to detract from lumps and bumps go for pattern, it’s much more flattering than a solid block of colour. Nike is one of my favourite for quality of fabric, control and patterns, but I do find they run on the small size, I’m a 14 and an XL just fits. Sweaty Betty designs are a bit more expensive, but they have amazing colours and patterns.

RAINS Long Lightweight Rain Jacket £90

I do not want anyone to see my butt outside of the gym in what are essentially thick tights, so layering is a must. This type of cover up from Rains at Very Exclusive is great, it’s lightweight, covers my thighs, and looks great with more than just your gym gear.

If yoga is more your thing, with looser fitting workout apparel, I love Belinda Robertson sports trousers. I’ve worn them to the shops, travelling, yoga and simply lounging around the house. Mine are over two years old and I can honestly say I wear them almost every week, get a pair! H&M also do great value sportswear, just how comfy does this yoga jumpsuit for just £24.99 look?

H&M yoga Jumpsuit £24.99

If your precious ‘me-time’ is spent curled up on the couch watching Netflix good for you! I’m a huge fan of leisure wear (aka pyjamas), and at home I’m mostly found in soft jersey, brushed cotton and cosy socks no matter the time. The White Company cashmere bedsocks (£36) are always on my Christmas list, slipping your feet in to these is the loveliest of little luxuries.

White Company cashmere Bedsocks £36

For jammies Next have a huge selection and the cutest styles. I have my eye on this set, and when your PJ’s are this pretty who cares if you have an unexpected visitor?

Pink Circus Animal Button Through Pyjamas, £35, Next

Gym, yoga, reading, Netflix and chill. It doesn’t matter how you spend your ‘me-time’ – just as long as you enjoy it in style!

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