Childhood Outdoor Memories

Children in 2017 are risking missing out on key childhood memories due to an over reliance on indoor play, according to new research. Over half (56%) of UK adults revealed that their fondest childhood memories were made whilst exploring and socialising outside, but despite this, over half of parents (58%) in 2017 said that they regularly battle with their children to get them outdoors, suggesting the next generation are likely to be missing key memories from their own childhoods. Almost one quarter (24%) of respondents said their children ‘rarely’ play outdoors during their free time and 69 per cent of parents believe their children spend more time playing indoors on computer games and technology than embracing nature and the outdoors. The outdoor activity which evoked some of the strongest memories for parents was building dens (68%) followed closely by playing in the park (65%) and trips to the seaside, which was remembered fondly by 57%. Other top childhood outdoor memories include playing games like hide and seek, hopscotch and tag (56%) and participating in ball games, such as rounders, tennis and football (52%).



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