Awesome No-Sew DIY costumes for kids

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Help your kids stand out from the crowd of little vampires, witches and ghosts with some inspiration from their favourite movies, games and books.

Mavis from Hotel Transylvania

To create Mavis’ look, pair dark stripy tights with a plain black shift dress and red boots or trainers. A simple black fringed wig and a slick of black lipstick completes the look.

Steve from Minecraft

Find or create a cardboard box that comfortably fits your child’s head. On the front of the box, draw a grid of eight squares by eight squares, and paint each square to create Steve’s hair, skin, mouth and eyes. Do the same for the sides and back of the box. Cut out the eye holes for your child to look through and pair with a blue T-Shirt and jeans. For tools and weapons draw a template onto thick cardboard, and paint your design in the same 8-bit style 

The Big Friendly Giant (BFG)

2016 is the 100 year anniversary of the birth of the splendiferous storyteller Roald Dahl and his marvellous characters provide lots of inspiration for dressing up. To help your child look exunckly like the BFG, dress them in a pair of green or grey trousers, white shirt and a waistcoat. Use a piece of black material for a cape tied up with a ribbon. The BFG’s suitcase is a small cardboard box wrapped in brown parcel paper and attach two pipe cleaners for handles. Now cut out two large ears from a pair of paper plates and attach with tape to a headband or you can purchase ears from toy shops or websites such as eBay and Amazon.

NB – While you want your child to look great, assess how safe their costume is and make adjustments if necessary. Limit the amount of trailing material that can get caught, be tripped over or catch fire. Check that their vision is unrestricted by masks or other face coverings.

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