When it comes to child safety, parents and caregivers instinctively do their upmost to protect their children and ensure that they are never in high risk situations. So why is it, according to research*,  that 33 per cent of parents across Europe have taken a child out in a carRead More →

PENGUIN PALS Zoe and Pam are the latest bedtime pals to arrive in the UK from innovative Danish children’s brand, Zazu. Designed to help parents with the bedtime routine, the clever little penguins feature pre-set melodies including a heartbeat, white noise and waterfall sound, as well as wireless speaker technology, enabling parents to play their own choice of music orRead More →

Author Natalie Savvides has been called ‘the real Bridget Jones’ on many occasions and her past life experiences have inspired her mission to help every girl, teenager and woman feel less alone, and happier, by living their life their own way and being true to themselves. A self-confessed observer and contemplatorRead More →

It’s an age-old debate between kids and their parents which will never end. How much is enough when it comes to pocket money and should kids do chores to earn it? It’s an issue for even the most cash-laden celebrities as Sir Elton John has revealed that he makes hisRead More →

A new survey by Expedia and Mumsnet has revealed that on average, family holidays take between four to six months to organise and (sorry dads) 65 per cent of mums do all the planning on their own without help from their partner. Sound familiar? After all the time and effortRead More →

Many of us find the demands of family life daunting and overwhelming. The task of raising children is not easy and the stakes are high. Here, Amber Hatch explains how mindfulness can enhance our playtime and help foster a deeper connection…   Amber Hatch is a writer, teacher, parent-of-three and aRead More →

Hands up if you have ever felt judged for your choices as a mother?  By Cathy Owen It was once suggested to me, by the nursery I paid a LOT of money to over five years, that I could perhaps work less as my child was getting frustrated in nursery.Read More →

Tommy’s Premature Baby App Around 60,000 babies are born prematurely every year in the UK and many suffer lifelong consequences as a result. The weeks in hospital after the baby’s premature birth can be a stressful and emotional time for parents, so to help these mums and dads Tommy’s –Read More →

S4K was keen to find out that when it comes to bringing up baby, if flexibility is the number one priority for working mums. A new survey has revealed that over two thirds (72%) of working mums would stay in a job they dislike if it provided greater flexible working.Read More →