Many children will get coughs and sniffles over the winter season, but sometimes it may be more than a cold. Bronchiolitis is a common lower respiratory tract infection that generally affects babies and young children and is more common in the winter months. Dr Su Laurent, a medic specialising in paediatricRead More →

A Perfect Smile The ultimate beauty accessory, getting yourself ‘selfie’ ready with bright white teeth can seriously dent your bank balance, especially if you rely on professional teeth whitening. However, the new highly innovative and hi –tech range of teeth whitening products from smilelab offer dazzling results without the heftyRead More →

Conjunctivitis is a common problem in children so don’t be surprised to find your kids waking up with sticky red eyes in the winter period. Conjunctivitis occurs when the clear surface covering the white of the eye becomes inflamed, either due to infection, allergy or irritation. Symptoms include red eyes andRead More →

This winter we are loving… Playing For Peace This Christmas The Body Shop is partnering with International Alert to help Syrian refugee children heal through play. Each gift from their seasonal gift collections will support International Alert’s Peace Play Program in Lebanon, providing a safe place for refugee children. TheseRead More →

When children return to school after the holidays we often see a real uplift in requests for advice on detection and treatment of the dreaded head lice! Head lice are tiny grey/brown, wingless insects and are the size of a pinhead when hatched and of a sesame seed when fully grown.Read More →

Gently Does It A trusted brand for sensitive skin amongst doctors, the new award-winning children’s range from Epaderm has been specifically developed by dermatologists for the management of dry skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis. Suitable for even the most delicate skin, Epaderm Junior products are free from fragrance, colouringRead More →

Whether you plan to holiday abroad or stay at home, it is important that you take measures to protect yourself and your family from the damage that sun can cause… when it decides to make an appearance that is. The sun’s rays are made up of UVA (Ultraviolet A) andRead More →

    You Glow Girl! Combat the effects of naughty misbehaving skin caused by hormone changes in trimester one and two of pregnancy, with mama mio’s new friendly facial mist, Way to Glow. Filled with anti-inflammatory actives, it not only helps calm sensitive and fatigued skin, but brightens and cools skin whilstRead More →

I have two weddings to attend this summer – one of which I’m a bridesmaid at – so what I wear is out of my hands (although thankfully the bride has made a very elegant choice and I won’t be cringing at the pictures for years to come!). For theRead More →

Most of us welcome the longer, warmer days that spring and summer brings, but if you or your child suffers from hay fever this might not be the case. Hay fever, also known as seasonal allergic rhinitis, usually begins in childhood or during the teenage years, but you can getRead More →