Discover the incredible history of some of the people throughout time as illustrator Caroline Selmes takes us on a trip to meet The Sumerians to The Aztecs… The Sumerians You may never have heard of the Sumerians, but you’ve probably used some of their inventions! They settled in what isRead More →

It’s international ‘Talk Like A Pirate Day’ on September 19 me hearties, so we’re stepping back into the golden age of piracy with 2017 Blue Peter Book Award winner David Long to discover a swashbuckling era of excitement and adventure when heroes and villains sailed the high seas… Aarrrhh! In theRead More →

Are you a den dreamer, a den designer and a den builder? Escape outdoors, use your imagination, be creative, make up the rules, explore the wild world and create magical hideaways in which to spend your time… How about making space for these wild getaways and playspaces in your ownRead More →

Pompoms are the accessory of the summer and making jewellery with pompoms is a fun activity for a rainy afternoon. You only use small pompoms, so they are quick to make and the whole necklace is very easy to put together – use all your favourite colours and make itRead More →

Skwibble is a new app designed to help parents tell the greatest children’s story ever told … their own! Not only the ultimate memory book, you can also create photo galleries and share special moments with selected friends and family in a safe and secure environment. Available to download freeRead More →

With the expert guidance of Tracey Radford, you can turn everyday cardboard into incredible, yet simple, craft projects. You’ll never look at an empty egg carton in the same way again… You will need: Egg carton Ears template  Cotton (wool) ball Paints in colors of your choice for rabbit fur,Read More →

With family festivals galore, the world’s leading tourist attraction and currently holding the accolade of ‘Best UK City’, why not come and find out ‘What’s the craic?’ in Northern Ireland’s capital… By Nadia Duncan Belfast is just a short skip across the Irish Sea and the speedy 35 minute FlybeRead More →

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Embrace the wonders of the season and all that it brings, like the chance to enjoy fantastic winter sports! Getting the whole family up and out and well prepared for a long day in cold weather can be as challenging as yourRead More →

Creating your own scary costumes and spooky accessories is a must at Halloween and no little vampire or witch would be complete without his or her creature companion! Spiders You will need: • Fabric • Toy stuffing • Pipe cleaners • Wiggly eyes • Basic sewing kit 1. Use aRead More →

This year put down the carving knife and pick up a paintbrush to create spooky-cool and stylish pumpkins, they’ll make a gourds-eous autumnal display and are the perfect activity for younger children too. If the thought of going alternative with your jack-o’-lantern sends a shiver down your spine, don’t worryRead More →