Cara McKee, a writer and mother-of-three, living in Largs says ‘goodbye camping’ and ‘hello caravan’… I used to quite like my husband before we went camping. I used to like camping before I went with my husband. It was even okay when we were dating and I could weather hisRead More →

Wow! Where did this school year go? The flurry of end-of-term activities; summer fair, prize giving – and of course shopping for that all-important ‘thank you teacher’ gift – makes the start of the summer holidays race up quicker than a P7 on Sports Day. But amongst all the funRead More →

One of scariest things I think us parents face today is keeping our kids safe in a virtual world. The scary part is that they know much more than us when it comes to the latest apps, so we are left behind playing constant catch up, trying to decipher what’sRead More →

Cara McKee, a writer and mother-of-three living in Largs, is making a break for the front door… The first challenge of a day out is to get the children dressed. On weekdays it’s clear that a little screen time can be earned in the morning – if they’re dressed inRead More →

  There is still more than a little chill in the air, but already my mind is straying to spring fashion. In the mornings I long to pull on something light and floaty, as opposed to layering in the extreme… and not in the fashion sense of the word.  Read More →

A new campaign by the Scottish Government is encouraging parents or guardians to talk to children about their dreams for the future and share their ambitions either online on Scotland’s giant dream wall, or use the Future Me postbox at their local library. Entries have already started to flood inRead More →

  There’s a fun-packed programme of events for families during this April’s Edinburgh International Science Festival (1-16). At the Blood Bar, make your own scabs, mix up a gooey blood clot and even touch a real heart. Young robotics engineers will love getting hands-on at Robot Lab, which has everythingRead More →

Conservation charity the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland has launched its brand new ‘Panda Pass It On’ game for schools. With only four copies of the game available, the intention is for schools to keep the fun, learning resource for one week before passing it on to other schools. TheRead More →

  If we could give you the perfect gift this Mother’s Day what would it be? Many mums might say the ideal life balance of being able to have a career – but always enough time for their children – and no more mum-guilt! Impossible? Cathy Owen explains how sheRead More →

Cara McKee, a writer and mother-of-three living in Largs, welcomes in the new year… This new year was the first time we let our kids stay up for the bells. To be honest it didn’t seem like the best plan. We know our kids, there’s only one who might occasionallyRead More →