With the nightmare that plastic pollution is creating in our oceans now high on political, personal and news agendas, the Marine Conservation Society (MCS), the UK’s leading marine charity, is throwing down the gauntlet to the public to take on its Plastic Challenge for the month of July. With moreRead More →

The first gay dad to adopt in Scotland was among the recent winners at the second annual Scottish Parent Awards, where parents and carers from across Scotland are recognised for their outstanding contribution to their families and communities. James Smith, who along with his partner Neil, formally adopted now 12-year-oldRead More →

Plastic, the ocean, Emmeline Pankhurst, Donald Trump, Brexit, Korea, Grenfell Tower, unicorns, slime and computer gameFortniteare just some of the people and subjects that influence British children’s creativity and use of language, says a new report published by Oxford University Press (OUP). Following OUP’s analysis of 134,790 short storiesfrom childrenRead More →

Over the wall free the wall free therapeutic camps to benefit Scottish children Free recreational activity camps for children with health challenges are to be set up in Perth and Fife with the aim of providing them with the experience of a lifetime. The residential camps are scheduled to takeRead More →

Looking out for fake news According to a new report published by Ofcom, nine out of 10 children say they ‘always, ‘often’ or ‘sometimes’ stop to consider the truth of a story they come across online, demonstrating that youngsters are aware of the concept of fake news. Reporting on theRead More →

The Stick Man Trail Much-loved picture book character Stick Man is featuring in a new free activity trail at Polbeth and West Calder Community Garden, to encourage children to ‘branch out’ and explore the natural world. Stick Man, created by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, will be appearing around theRead More →

Nature Resistant Kids A new initiative has been launched to transform the UK’s cotton-wool-kids into free-range children. Research by children’s natural personal care brand Professor Scrubbington’s, reveals it is our lack of tolerance of dirty children, or parental ‘hygiene hysteria’, that is breeding a generation divorced from nature. Nearly two-thirds (63%) of parents surveyedRead More →

Opt Out and you Lose Out Is the High Income Charge putting you off registering for Child Benefit? It’s simple, says Chris Bryans CEO of Financial Consultancy, Richmond Wealth. Stay in and you can come out ahead… sooner or later. Parenthood is one big decision after another! But now we’reRead More →

Pictured (from left to right): Orla Henaghen, aged 13, is the Senior 1 to Senior 6 winner from St. Peter the Apostle High School in Clydebank, Shona McCarthy, Chief Executive of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society, Helen Willder, aged six, is the Primary 1 to Primary 3 winner from GeorgeRead More →