NSPCC concerned about abuse and neglect in Scotland as it launches Childhood Day

In 2021/22, the NSPCC’s Helpline for adults made 897 referrals about abuse and neglect to agencies in Scotland – an average of two a day. The most common reason for the charity’s practitioners to escalate their concerns in Scotland was neglect, with 272 referrals being made for this concern.

Across the UK last year, the Helpline made 22,983 referrals to agencies about children thought to be experiencing abuse and neglect – an average of 63 children a day.

The NSPCC Helpline receives contacts from the public and professionals who have safeguarding fears about a child. The charity will refer these on to statutory agencies when serious enough to do so, whilst offering advice and assistance in all cases.

The NSPCC estimates that half a million children a year suffer abuse in the UK. That means 7 children in a classroom experience abuse before they turn 18. This comes as the NPSCC launches Childhood Day, the charity’s flagship day of fundraising and action that brings everyone in the UK together to protect children.

The charity says everyone has a responsibility to protect children, including reporting concerns about a child, UK Governments prioritising child protection, and a rallying call for everyone across the UK to unite on the 10 June for Childhood Day, to raise money and awareness for the NSPCC.

Whether it’s by fundraising, donating, volunteering at a collection, or taking action, the NSPCC is asking people to play their part.

Emma Frost was abused as a child. She wishes someone spoke out on her behalf and is calling on everyone to support the NSPCC’s Childhood Day, so that the charity can continue to take vital calls via the Helpline. She says:

“I was the eldest of seven siblings and grew up in a chaotic household. I was subjected to emotional and physical torment and made to believe that I was saying, thinking and doing things I wasn’t. I spent four years in care. My father abused me from a young age and in 2011, he was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. I wish someone, at some point, had picked up the phone and called the NSPCC Helpline. I would have got the right help a lot earlier and it wouldn’t have done as much damage.

“The NSPCC is just as important now as it was when I was a little girl. Whatever else is going on, it’s vital we all play our part for children suffering abuse.”

Next month, the NSPCC launches its Childhood Day TV Appeal. The advert, on TV from the 2nd May, sees a member of the public contact the NSPCC helpline with concerns about a three-year-old boy experiencing abuse at the hands of his mother.

Caroline Renton, Supporter Fundraising Manager, NSPCC Scotland said: “We’re encouraging people in local communities across Scotland to get involved and have fun this Childhood Day. Whether you hold your own play-themed fundraising event or sign up to volunteer at one of our Childhood Day street collections across the country, every pound you raise will help to keep children safe.”

Search ‘Childhood Day’ to find out more.

The NSPCC is urging anyone with concerns about a child, even if they’re unsure, to contact the NSPCC helpline to speak to one of the charity’s professionals. People can call 0808 800 5000, email help@nspcc.org.uk or fill in the online form.

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