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Brilliant books to fall for this February…

A is for Avocado: An Alphabet Book of Plant Power by Carolyn Suzuki
HB £6.99 published by Penguin
Age Pre-school+

This Veganuary, learn your ABCs the vegan way! A stylish, child-friendly introduction to twenty six fresh fruits, vibrant vegetables and powerful plants to encourage and inspire healthy eating with graphic, colourful and stylish illustrations. This is the perfect gift book to introduce the concept of healthy eating and veganism.

If I Had a Sleepy Sloth by Gabby Dawnay & Alex Barrow
HB £10.95 Published by Thames & Hudson

This sloth may be sleepy but it’s a champion on the jungle gym, thanks to its super gripping skills. If I had a Sleepy Sloth imagines the positives and negatives of having a sloth for a pet and provides a welcome alternative to the fast pace of modern life by creating the time for readers to simply b-r-e-a-t-h-e.

Out of a Dark Winter’s Night by Flora McDonnell
HB £11.95 published by Thames & Hudson
Age 6+

A young child’s spirit of adventure is dampened when the day ends and gives way to night. Taking their wheelbarrow, they set out on a mission to stop the sun from setting again, joined along the way by a charming collection of animal friends. But when darkness falls again and worst comes to worst, it is hope that eventually carries them home, where they see the dawn breaking again. A gentle expression of illustrator and author Flora McDonnell’s firsthand experience with anxiety and depression that is empathetic and poetic.

Fergus the Furball by Emily Snape
PB £7.99 published by Random Publishing
Age 7+

When Daniel’s parents scoot off to Scotland instead of celebrating his tenth birthday and give him a plant as his present – instead of a pet – can you really blame him for wishing he had a guinea pig instead of a brother? Now Daniel must undo the magic before his parents find out, defeat bullies, escape nutty chefs, make new friends and ultimately learn how much he truly does love his younger brother.

Adventures on Trains: The Highland Falcon Thief by M.G. Leonard & Sam Sedgman
PB £6.99 published by Macmillan Children’s Books
Age 8+

The first book in a major new mystery series, with a second publishing in September. Eleven-year-old, Harrison Beck is very reluctantly joining his Uncle Nat for the last journey on the royal steam train, The Highland Falcon. His mum is having another baby and he feels that he is being sent away… But as the train makes its way to Scotland, Harrison realises this could be much more fun than he thought when a priceless diamond brooch goes missing.

Orphans of the Tide by Struan Murray
PB £7.99 published by Puffin
Age 8+

When a mysterious boy washes in with the tide, the citizens believe he’s the Enemy – the god who drowned the world – come again to cause untold chaos. Only Ellie, a fearless young inventor living in a workshop crammed with curiosities, believes he’s innocent. A breathtaking debut for fans of Brightstorm and His Dark Materials.

We Are All Greta by Valentina Giannella, illustrated by Manuela Marazzi
PB £9.99 published by Laurence King
Age 10+

Follow in the footsteps of the Swedish teenage activist and Nobel Peace Prize candidate and join the global mission to save our planet from climate change. Global warming, the greenhouse effect, fossil fuels – what do they all mean? What are biodiversity and sustainable development? Which sources are reliable? What action can I take? For young people, for parents, for grandparents and anyone having to answer direct and urgent questions about what must be done to protect our world.

The Kid Who Came From Space by Ross Welford
PB £6.99 published by Harper Collins Children’s Books
Age 10+

A remarkable story of family, friendship and interstellar adventure, from one of the brightest stars in children’s books. A small village is rocked by the disappearance of 12-year-old Tammy. Only her twin brother, Ethan, knows she is safe – and the extraordinary truth of where she is. Together with his friend Iggy and the mysterious (and very hairy) Hellyann, Ethan is about to go on a nail-biting chase to get his sister back… that will take him further than anyone has ever been before.


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