Crafty Kids: Heart Kite

Why just send a card on Valentine’s Day? This perfect little heart kite fluttering in the breeze will send your love in a much more original way. Decorate it with hearts or flowers and write your Valentine’s message on the back.

Let’s Go Fly A Kite!

You will need
1 sheet of paper, 6 in (15 cm) square
Sticky tape
A stapler
A drinking straw
12-in (30-cm) length of sparkling ribbon

Step 1
Fold the paper in half from corner to corner to make a crease, then open it out and cut along the crease for approximately 3 in (7.5 cm).

Step 2
Turn back the two flaps at equal angles and stick them in place with sticky tape.



Step 3
Fold the paper in half, then cut out the edge into the shape of half a heart. (Tip: practice this on some scrap paper until you have a good shape, then use it as a template to draw around.) Don’t cut the flat fold at either side of the crease.



Step 4
Attach a thread to the kite by stapling across it through both sides of the kite near the top, then fix the thread in place with a knot and cut off the loose end. The staple will hold the thread but will also keep a strong fold in the kite.




Step 5
Open out the kite and staple one end of the straw to the widest part. Next, staple the other end of the straw to the other side of the kite. The kite should not be flat against the straw. Trim the straw to the right length.


Step 6
Staple the end of the ribbon to the bottom of the kite, at the back. Then take it outside and watch it fly!




Craft idea from My First Origami Book published by CICO Books (£9.99). Photography © CICO Books.

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