Top Ten of Things Kids Say To Embarrass Their Parents

“My mummy likes wine”, “this food is disgusting” and “you have no hair” have emerged among the top ten of things kids say to embarrass their parents.

A study* of 2,000 mums and dads shows 52 per cent are genuinely worried about what will come out of their child’s mouth next. And, they have every reason to be concerned according to the study, as one quarter of kids have repeated something their parents have said in public, when they really shouldn’t have. The results also threw up some hilarious examples such as one child who announced to her mum’s mother-in-law “Mummy doesn’t like the fact you’re always moaning her house isn’t clean enough.”

Other common embarrassing phrases include; “My Daddy is really hairy”, “Why have you got yellow teeth” and “Why does that person smell?” The age at which children are most likely to say or do something embarrassing was revealed as four and the most common place where children are likely to humiliate their parents is the supermarket (61%) followed by a friend’s house (29%).


  1. This food is disgusting.
  2. You’re old.
  3. Mummy/daddy just had a poo.
  4. I don’t like you.
  5. Look there’s a baby in that man’s belly.
  6. I don’t like this present.
  7. My mummy likes wine.
  8. Mummy says your house is dirty.
  9. You don’t have any hair.
  10. What’s wrong with that person’s face?

*Study via on behalf of Channel Mum.

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