Crafty Kids – Autumn Wreath

Welcome in the season with a glorious wreath made from all the special autumnal treasures the kids find on a fun-filled forest walk

You will need:

  • Autumn nature items
  • A cardboard ring – cut to the size you would like
  • String for anything that needs tied in place
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun or PVA glue
  • Ribbon for hanging the finished wreath




  1. Have fun visiting a forest, park or woodland to collect autumn nature items for making the wreath. These can be colourful fallen leaves, acorns, horse chestnuts, twigs, moss, pine needles etc.








  1. Lay your all your finds out on a table. To help you decidewhat you would like the wreath to look like, play around with everything on top of the cardboard ring.






  1. Once you are happy with the design, loop the ribbon around the top of the ring so it is in position and begin gluing everything in place, layer by layer. Build upon it until you are happy with how it looks.








  1. When fully dry, tie the ribbon in a bow and hang on your front door or somewhere inside the home.









Craft Idea by Colleen Larmour. Colleen is the illustrator and creator behind Little Carousel, a children’s design-led business selling handcrafted soft toys and illustrated art. Colleen is inspired by nature and daily life with her two children. To see her new collection of autumn baby rattles visit

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