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Happy Holidays with SASCS

Holiday Care o ers children an opportunity to socialise with peers during holidays, whilst taking part in fun, age-appropriate activities. They also include pre-primary one children in their Holiday Care – this has been a popular addition to the service – with parents commenting that attending SASCS before starting school helped with the transition from nursery to primary. Sports Camp started in 2009 and o ers a wide variety of sports, games, dance, baking and large art & crafts projects. During the Easter Holidays SASCS will be operating a holiday service for all children (Tue 3 – Fri 13) as well as a Sports Camp for older children during the second week (Mon 9 – Fri 13 April). Summer Sports Camp (Mon 2 July – Fri 27 July) is also available to book now. Summer Fun will include two day trips a week to places such as Summerlee Industrial Museum, Scone Palace or Wells eld Farm Park and lots of outdoor games and activities. This programme is based on feedback from the children, who would prefer being outside as much as possible during the holidays. By offering this combination of services, Holiday Care is meeting the needs of parents, who can drop o and collect children from one place. Visit for more.

Have an energetic Easter break

Dance Base is a fantastic resource for families in and around Edinburgh, looking to stay busy and keep healthy. It’s Scotland’s National Centre for Dance and its four studios are truly beautiful spaces in which to enjoy a dance class. Dance is fun, it’s incredibly good for you, and Dance Base is all about making it accessible for everyone! This April, they’re running their Easter School again. It’s a fabulous way to keep your young ones (age groups 7–9 and 10–12) entertained over the Easter Break. From Monday April 2 to Friday April 6, Dance Base will give them a fun- lled week of energy, acrobatics and imagination, as they learn all about parkour, puppetry and dance – and they’ll end the week with a performance, showing o everything they’ve learned to family and friends. It’s a brilliant way to ensure kids have the exciting, energetic Easter break they deserve. Find out more at

Meeting Britain’s Dinosaurs

One of the largest collections of dinosaur material ever to tour the UK opens at Perth Museum and Art Gallery next month and make no bones about it – the exhibition of solely British dinosaurs is a once-in-a-lifetime event. The exclusive showing is an opportunity for visitors to get up close to some Jurassic-era items for the rst time – all of them from the British Isles. Five years in the planning, the groundbreaking three- month exhibition is spread across three of Perth Museum’s galleries and features material from 17 museums, universities and collections, more than 20 species ofdinosaurs and over 100 original fossils – many on public display for the rst time. Many of the items are touchable, including a 10cm long Iguanodon tooth, a 20cm Megalosaurus jaw, a 30cm cast of a Baryonyx claw and a 40cm meteorite. With other exhibits ranging from giant skeletons to food, insects and fossilised poo, the collection has been carefully curated to show everything from dinosaurs’ diets to behaviour.

Jenny Kinnear, Head of Museums and Collections at Culture Perth and Kinross said: “Britain is an important player in Jurassic-era history and archaeology, with more than 100 species of dinosaurs found around the UK, however most were locked in museum basements and never seen by the public. That’s why it’s so exciting to have this collection under one roof. While it runs, this will be largest gallery of dinosaur exhibits in the UK mainland outside of London. It really is a once-in-a-lifetime exhibition”. Britain’s Dinosaurs – Meet the Locals, runs from March 17 until June 24, 2018. Tickets can be booked in advance at

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