Health and Beauty News: Winter

This winter we are loving…

Playing For Peace

This Christmas The Body Shop is partnering with International Alert to help Syrian refugee children heal through play. Each gift from their seasonal gift collections will support International Alert’s Peace Play Program in Lebanon, providing a safe place for refugee children. These play sessions, provide psychosocial support through theatre and arts-based therapy to help children process their trauma and to help them understand their experiences in Syria. Through play, children can explore and express difficult emotions, make sense of their experiences and learn how to interact more positively with their peers as well as the adults in their lives. The community centres where the activities take place give them access to a safe space where they can play and be children again, away from the weight and pressures that they face in their daily lives.

Keeping Things Rosy

If your normally rosy complexion is a pasty pale colour, low B12 may be the culprit. With a B12 deficiency, red blood cells are very fragile and easily broken, causing a release of bilirubin pigment that gives skin a yellow tinge. Vitamin B12 can be found in animal products such as meat, fish, milk and eggs, but you may be struggling to get enough in your daily diet, especially if you follow a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. This nutrient is notoriously difficult to absorb by the gut, however BetterYou B12 Boost Oral Spray (£11.95) will boost your energy levels and aid concentration and memory to support a healthier you.

A Beauty Brush Up

We’re under the spell of Cressida Harte, a new lifestyle/ beauty brand launched this autumn. The ‘Enchantment collection’ is an eclectic mix of unique pro-quality make-up brush sets for the everyday modern woman who likes a special attention to detail and products with an edge. Supplying brushes to some of the top make-up artists within the beauty and fashion industry, the collection uses the softest and plushest mcf hairs on the market and are all vegan friendly. This funky 5-piece Unicorn set is available in two styles and with or without case (£45-£55) from Use code BRUSHFEST for 20% off online.

Avoiding Hair Loss Horror

Giving birth is one thing, but almost half of new mums go on to experience hair loss after having a baby. A new clinical paper has looked into post pregnancy hair loss and the fluctuating hormone levels during pregnancy and after childbirth are to blame. Nourkrin® has developed a product specifically to address hair loss in new mums, rich in specific proteoglycans that help to normalise the hair growth cycle for healthy hair growth after childbirth. Nourkrin® Post Pregnancy (£29.95 for one month supply) for new mums is natural, safe and drug-free. Available at selected pharmacies, health food stores and at

Dubble Trubble Bubbles at Bathtime

Bring some fruity fun to your bathroom with Dubble Trubble; the no nasties range from Daniel Galvin Jr. aimed at kids aged three to 12. Created with organic ingredients, the collection includes five delicious-smelling shampoo & body washes as well as a cool as a cucumber detangling conditioner spray. There’s also another feel good factor – funds raised from sales support the Prince’s Trust helpline, giving one-to-one support mentoring to young people. RRP £3 from Tesco.

Stellar Super Snacks

Chewymoon is a revolutionary healthy subscription snack box idea for kids aged five to 10 which aims to make kids enjoy natural snacks which are good for them. Customers can choose to receive a random selection of five snacks every week, or make up their own box from over 40 snacks that includes fruit-smoothie chips, pure fruit shapes, baked cheese, smoky coconut flakes to name a few. For £3.99 (plus 99p delivery) subscribers get five all natural snacks, together with a comic, collectible battle card and totem toy delivered through their letterbox. Your first trial box is free, just pay the 99p postage. Order at

Perfume Pals

Take your favourite fragrance anywhere with the ultra-handbag-handy Twist & Sprirtz (£10). Choose from over 18 shades to hold up to 8ml – equivalent to 100 sprays – and the brand new easy to use atomizer will help keep you smelling gorgeous all day, and night, long. Find at The Fragrance Shop.

Health Update

New guidance published by The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), who provide advice to improve health and social care, says underweight children should be allowed to be ‘messy’ with their food. Professor Gillian Leng, deputy chief executive and director of health and social care at NICE, said:Having a child with faltering growth [Slow weight gain in early childhood] can be distressing for parents and carers. However, simple things such as encouraging relaxed and enjoyable feeding and mealtimes, eating together as a family or even allowing young children to be ‘messy’ with their food can help encourage them to eat. This guideline should also help healthcare professionals identify more complex cases of faltering growth for referral to specialist services. This should give all infants and children with faltering growth the best chance of reaching a healthy weight.”

Newborn infants normally lose weight in the early days of life. However persisting or large weight losses can be a sign of possible problems with feeding and weaning. In older children, faltering growth can occur when a child does not eat enough to get the energy needed for growth and development.


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