The Reading Corner: Awesome adventures for autumn

Twinkle Twinkle, ABC

by Barney Saltzberg & Fred Benaglia £8.95, published by Phaidon, Age pre-school



Two of the most-loved children’s songs are woven together to create a rousing sing-along through the alphabet! Sing along to this lyrical mash-up enriched with silly cameos by high-flying birds, a twirling cow, a growling bear, and a banjo. Readers are encouraged to ‘moo’ and ‘tweet’, to flap and bounce, to stand tall and fly… combining actions with rhyme to make the book come alive!

The Superhero Adventure Playset

by Jason Ford £16.99, published by Laurence King, Age 6+


Save the day every day with the Superhero Playset! In a cunning carousel format, this compact book opens up to reveal three super scenes – the awesome cityscape, the fearsome Fire Caves and the evil villain’s Laboratory of doom – with 12 superheroes, sidekicks, supercars and evil masterminds to populate them. Fantastically illustrated, this playset contains everything you need to create and play out your own superhero stories.

The Gritterman

by Orlando Weeks £17.99, published by Particular Books, Age 8+


A beautifully illustrated story about a seasonal hero and the work he loves, by former indie frontman of The Maccabees. In the summer, his van is an ice cream van, but he has no real passion for ice cream. It is in the winter, when the van becomes a gritting van that our hero comes into his own. However, he has received a letter from the council informing him that his services are no longer required. A heart-warming story combining original storytelling, illustration and music.

This Book Isn’t Safe

by Colin Furze £14.99, published by Puffin Books, Age 9+


The first practical inventions book by YouTube sensation Colin Fruze. Colin is on a mission to inspire a new generation of budding inventors to be creative and make things, and his new book contains ten new awesome inventions to make at home. Ever wondered how to make concrete shoes? Or how to build your own downhill trike? Or how to tidy your room in three seconds with a pulley? Each invention features visual, easy to follow step-by-step instructions, presented with Colin’s renowned humour. Everyone can be an inventor!

Tales from India, the Caribbean and Africa

by Bali Rai, Trish Cooke & K. P. Kojo £6.99, published by Puffin Classics, Age 9+


Delve into the world of myths and legends with these fresh retellings of traditional folktales, drawn from the rich folklore heritage of India, the Caribbean and Africa. Hear of wicked magicians, charming princes and beautiful princesses in Tales from India, of the very first Kingfisher and Anansi the Spider Man in Tales from the Caribbean, or go to a Frog wedding in the Sky Kingdom, discover the days when the earth’s creatures were all mixed up and much more in Tales from Africa.

The Grotlyn

by Benji Davies £12.99, published by HarperCollins Children’s Books, Age 4+


What is the mysterious Grotlyn? What sort of creature could it be, scuttling across the town, frightening everyone in its path? And why has it stolen PC Vickers’ knickers?! This beautifully illustrated rhyming tale from picture book superstar Benji Davies is atmospheric and nostalgic in style. A stunning picture book about things that go bump in the night, full of mystery and suspense.

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