Donald Trump, elections and Pokémon GO are some of the subjects influencing kids’ creativity and use of language, says a report published by Oxford University Press. Following OUP’s analysis of the short stories for the 2017 BBC Radio 2 Chris Evans’ Breakfast Show’s 500 Words competition, a wealth of fascinating insights into the lives of children and their imaginative use of English have emerged. The Children’s Word of the Year is Trump, picked because of its significant increase in use (a total rise of 839 per cent on 2016) by entrants writing in this year’s competition. Mentioned in a wide variety of contexts, from US politics, to tales of space and superheroes inventing new character names including Boggle Trump and Snozzle Trump. Political vocabulary is a notable area of growth in 2017, showing children’s engagement with the news and media. In Scotland the top five words which are used in most stories are; 1. haggis 2. wee 3. teacake 4. loch & 5. selkie.

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