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One of scariest things I think us parents face today is keeping our kids safe in a virtual world. The scary part is that they know much more than us when it comes to the latest apps, so we are left behind playing constant catch up, trying to decipher what’s harmless fun from a potential threat. We’ll be covering more on cyber safety in future issues, however do please take time to read our news report which lists just some of the apps and sites which have raised concerns with organisations such as the NSPCC.

Inside this issue, author and mum-of-two Natalie Savvides is on a mission to make us all feel happier, health coach Lee Holmes reveals her favourite supercharged recipes for getting the whole family feeling fighting fit, and we ask parents what they really think about giving children pocket money – and should kids work for it?

I find out more about how a new generation is getting down with mum and dad on the dancefloor in my interview with Kirstie Wilson, we’re exploring the story of space and if you’re planning a trip away anytime soon with the kids, don’t start packing until you’ve read parenting expert Sue Atkins’ top travel hacks.


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