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2017 wow! My 10-year-old-self back in the 80s was positive that we would have flying cars by now. Things haven’t changed that much perhaps, however when I consider that in this month 16 years ago I was in the final stages of preparing for my wedding, and that what seems like in the blink of an eye (but is in fact a decade ago) I was only days away from having my first child; the start of a new year, and the month of January, has certainly always been, for me, a time of truly amazing new beginnings. So instead of feeling the post-Christmas blues, I say look ahead (using our fabulous S4K What’s on Guide of course) to all the fantastic fun that early 2017 has in store for us.

One new year’s resolution that I really hope I can stick to is to be more of a calm, chilled-out mummy than the stressed-out, shouty one I have decided to leave behind in 2016. For advice on turning your home into a zen den, check out the top tips from Relax Kids coach Sinead York. And if serenity and wellbeing is also your family goal, have you ever considered taking up yoga? Being able to take up a new activity or exercise is something we often take for granted, but for Macy Robertson aged 10, remaining active depends on her family raising enough money for a life-changing operation this February. Read Macy’s mum’s heartbreaking appeal.

And at some point this year you will most likely be planning a birthday party, considering a holiday or a weekend break or just looking for some inspiration on how to entertain the kids on cold winter days. Relax… We’ve got it covered!

Enjoy the issue!

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