A Career Vs Family Time

Parents are missing out on valuable time with their children due to work commitments, yet many are too afraid to talk to their boss about flexible working hours. New research has found that children are missing out on valuable time with their parents, with over half (58%) of mums and dads admitting they are unable to do the daily school run due to work commitments. Forty one per cent miss landmark moments in their children’s school calendar, such as school plays and sports day as a result of having limited flexibility in their working hours. Over a third (35%) of parents in the UK are not happy with their work-life balance, and believe they spend too much time at work and not enough time with their families. Because of this, almost two fifths (38%) feel guilty that they are not as involved in their children’s life as they think they should be, and over a fifth (21%) have considered leaving their place of work to improve their work-life balance, with many parents considering starting up a business of their own. The research, conducted on behalf of Kokoso Baby, also revealed that a third of parents admit they would be concerned about raising the issue with their employers.

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